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Giro d'Italia

PINK, PINK, PINK - The Italians Are Painting The Town PINK!

During April & May this year the towns and villages of Gelderland will be splashed in the colours of the Giro d’Italia

The Giro d'Italia, which officially sports the colour pink is an annual multiple stage bicycle race, primarily held in Italy and organized, since 1909, by RCS sport.

This year the Giro will start on May 6th in Apeldoorn; one of the northern most cities of Gelderland in The Netherlands. In this, the first leg of the race, there will be three stages (etappes).

  • On Friday, May 6th there will be an individual time trial across a 9.7km loop through the city of Apeldoorn
  • On Saturday, May 7th the riders will cycle from Arnhem to Nijmegen. The route, encompassing 190km, will wind its way North of Arnhem through the Hoge Veluwe Park, one of the most beautiful National Parks of the Netherlands.  It will follow the route down through Ede, Bennekom, Tiel across to Berg en Dal and eventually Nijmegen.
  • The third leg of 189km will travel North East through the centre of Nijmegen along the Oranjesingel, via Kastel Doornenburg, to Borculo, on to Lochem and Zutphen before returning to Arnhem, culminating at the Musis Sacrum. Thereafter, they will rest before the long journey home to Catanzaro in Calabria Italy.
  • Once there they will continue the Giro across the hills and mountains and through various towns and villages of the Italian countryside, eventually reaching Cuneo in Piemonte, where the Giro will end.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the entire region of Gelderland will be splashed in the colour Pink - the official colour of the Giro d'Italia. 

Starting April 1st many cities and villages will organize Piazzas and Mercatos.  In these celebratory and culinary gatherings, there will be the opportunity to speak or practice your Italian, experience the Italian culture including the opportunity to taste the best Pizza in Gelderland.

Naturally this extra-ordinary event will afford everyone the opportunity to experience and admire up close the beauty of the magnificent province of Gelderland.

For more details please visit 

The Rising of the Cupcake

Cupcakes have been around for longer than you might think, since the start of the 18th century in fact. In the early days, they were just little cakes baked individually, in ceramic or tin cups.

In Ireland and the United Kingdom they are called Fairy Cakes or Butterfly Cakes and unlike the elaborately topped American Cupcakes they are not iced or decorated, except maybe with sprinkles. 

In recent years, Cupcakes and Cupcake Shops - which only sell cupcakes and nothing else, have exploded onto the market, and become very trendy indeed, even to the degree where people will drive a considerable distance, just to buy a cupcake. 

Conan O'Brien bought a cupcake for everybody in the audience, during a recording of Late Night in New York City. However, after Carrie and Miranda from Sex in the City, visited the Magnolia Bakery and ate cupcakes there, well, that upped the ante, and this time, there was simply no stopping those little confectionaries. 

In the United States cupcake shops are springing up all over the place, they even had their own TV show. Brides are choosing to have their wedding cakes made with elaborately designed and monogrammed cupcakes. Companies are giving them as corporate gifts. Their fame, it seems, knows no bounds.

But guess what, the trend is catchin’ and on this side of the pond the magical little cakes are capturing the imagination and taste buds of their very willing victims.

Mark my words, there’ll be a Cupcake shop around your corner real soon!

A Teenage Brain



Ok, so we know how teenagers know absolutely everything about everything, - right...

Well, I’ve got two of ‘em 14 and 16 [both boys] and I must say, all that knowledge can, at times, be very useful. Most especially when I get a “rappers” name wrong, they seem to know the name of every single one including their entire family trees – at times, going back decades…

However, and there is a big “however” At times, there are some things they just don’t know how to do, they get stressed, they have to work hard in school and it doesn’t always seem to lead to the desired results.

It’s not just tough but almost impossible to work it out for them, raise their self-esteem, encourage them to work well and still make sure they don’t loose that all important “cool image”

But guess what, I know a couple of heroes, they’ve come on board, they don’t know all the answers, but boy do they know a lot, and they’ve only gone and written the most amazing book, and it’s just for teenagers! It’s all about their brains and how all the stuff they’re feeling, hearing, learning to figure out, dreaming and wanting is down to their BRAINS. It’s called: “The Owners Manual for Driving Your Adolescent Brain” You might think, ‘They won’t read it’ they will trust me, mine did, so did their friends and the verdict… “This is cool”
Impressive! from such a fussy, all-knowing audience. The heroes: Dr. JoAnn Deak and Dr. Terrance Deak. The book: "The Owners Manual For Driving Your Adolescent Brain" published by Little Pickle Press

JoAnn Deak wrote the prequel to this great book. Another really impressive, multi-award winning book for ‘still easy to impress kids’ ‘Your Fantastic Elastic Brain’

Love At First Bite

                                                                                                                                                         Arnhem February 5th 2015

Love at first bite!

On Valentines Day February 14th, ‘Cupcakes4Ever’ will open in Arnhem’s Bentinckstraat at number 57.

‘Cupcakes4Ever’ is owned, run and baked by Charlotte Pauly and oh boy, does she makes the most delicious and beautiful cupcakes the world has ever tasted…

From Lemon Cheesecake to Mexican Chocolate and Mocha Coffee to Rum-Soaked Raisin, Charlotte’s cupcakes are awe-inspiring, delectable, mouth-watering creations of intense taste and yumminess.

When Charlotte arrived in Arnhem about three years ago she quickly realized the Dutch have an ongoing love affair with confectionary; they have an adventurous nature and love to try new things. And so, the idea was sparked and anyway Arnhem needed a cupcake shop, so Cupcakes4Ever was born.

The perfect location was found on the Bentinckstraat, a small shop big in personality, class and character with the magical addition of winged guardians above the door.

Cupcakes4Ever is opening its doors to the public on Valentines Day Saturday, February 14th come and experience a taste sensation you‘ll never forget!



                                                                Liefde in 'n hapje                                    Arnhem 5 Febuari 2015

Op Valentijnsdag 14 februari 'Cupcakes4Ever' openend haar deuren op  Bentinckstraat 57 te Arnhem

'Cupcakes4Ever' is gestuurd en gebakken door de overheerlijke bakker Charlotte Pauly en ‘oh boy’, maakt zij de heerlijkste en verrukkelijkste cupcakes ter wereld...

Van Lemon Cheesecake Mexicaanse Chocolade en Mocha Coffee tot Rum Soaked Raisin, de cupcakes van Charlotte's zijn inspirerende, heerlijke, tongstrelende creaties van intense smaak en lekkerigheid.

Toen Charlotte arrivered in Arnhem ongeveer drie jaar geleden al snel besefte ze dat de Nederlanders een lopende liefdesrelatie met snoepgoed hebben ook hebben ze een avontuurlijke natuur en ze genieten om nieuwe dingen te proberen. Het idee werd aangewakkerd en toch Arnhem heeft een cupcake winkel nodig. Dus is Cupcakes4Ever geboren!

De perfecte locatie op de Bentinckstraat werd gevonden een kleine winkel groot in persoonlijkheid, klasse en karakter met de magische toevoeging van gevleugelde voogden boven de deur.

Cupcakes4Ever opent haar deuren voor het publiek op Valentijnsdag zaterdag 14 februari

kom en ervaar een smaaksensatie die u nooit zult vergeten


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