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A Teenage Brain



Ok, so we know how teenagers know absolutely everything about everything, - right...

Well, I’ve got two of ‘em 14 and 16 [both boys] and I must say, all that knowledge can, at times, be very useful. Most especially when I get a “rappers” name wrong, they seem to know the name of every single one including their entire family trees – at times, going back decades…

However, and there is a big “however” At times, there are some things they just don’t know how to do, they get stressed, they have to work hard in school and it doesn’t always seem to lead to the desired results.

It’s not just tough but almost impossible to work it out for them, raise their self-esteem, encourage them to work well and still make sure they don’t loose that all important “cool image”

But guess what, I know a couple of heroes, they’ve come on board, they don’t know all the answers, but boy do they know a lot, and they’ve only gone and written the most amazing book, and it’s just for teenagers! It’s all about their brains and how all the stuff they’re feeling, hearing, learning to figure out, dreaming and wanting is down to their BRAINS. It’s called: “The Owners Manual for Driving Your Adolescent Brain” You might think, ‘They won’t read it’ they will trust me, mine did, so did their friends and the verdict… “This is cool”
Impressive! from such a fussy, all-knowing audience. The heroes: Dr. JoAnn Deak and Dr. Terrance Deak. The book: "The Owners Manual For Driving Your Adolescent Brain" published by Little Pickle Press

JoAnn Deak wrote the prequel to this great book. Another really impressive, multi-award winning book for ‘still easy to impress kids’ ‘Your Fantastic Elastic Brain’