Business English

Business English Training

It is undeniable that learning a language has an array of cognitive benefits

Bilingual or multilingual people have improved memory, solve problems creatively have improved concentration, they multitask, and have better listening skills.

They adapt well to change are more flexible in both their work and home environments. And there is a suggestion that being bilingual or multilingual can delay or lessen the symptoms of brain aging

Proficiency in the English language, especially Business English is a vital skill that can open opportunities for you and your employees to engage with potential global business partners in a more confident and engaging way. No matter how near or far away they are you will be better prepared to compete and succeed in an international setting.

We are language trainers and we have many years of experience working with people from all walks of life.

By focusing on real-life grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation we help you to communicate successfully with your clients and international partners.

We design an individual learning plan especially for you

We teach Business English and Communications in the following disciplines

General Business







  • How to discuss without arguing
  • How to argue - and win
  • Public speaking
  • The publications you need to be reading

As trainers we always include

The vocabulary you need, so you speak well

The emails you need to write

The reports you need to read and/or write

The presentations you need to make

We generally work one-on-one but occasionally we work with small groups.

We teach business English and we work across all areas helping our clients to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills