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The Rising of the Cupcake

Cupcakes have been around for longer than you might think, since the start of the 18th century in fact. In the early days, they were just little cakes baked individually, in ceramic or tin cups.

In Ireland and the United Kingdom they are called Fairy Cakes or Butterfly Cakes and unlike the elaborately topped American Cupcakes they are not iced or decorated, except maybe with sprinkles. 

In recent years, Cupcakes and Cupcake Shops - which only sell cupcakes and nothing else, have exploded onto the market, and become very trendy indeed, even to the degree where people will drive a considerable distance, just to buy a cupcake. 

Conan O'Brien bought a cupcake for everybody in the audience, during a recording of Late Night in New York City. However, after Carrie and Miranda from Sex in the City, visited the Magnolia Bakery and ate cupcakes there, well, that upped the ante, and this time, there was simply no stopping those little confectionaries. 

In the United States cupcake shops are springing up all over the place, they even had their own TV show. Brides are choosing to have their wedding cakes made with elaborately designed and monogrammed cupcakes. Companies are giving them as corporate gifts. Their fame, it seems, knows no bounds.

But guess what, the trend is catchin’ and on this side of the pond the magical little cakes are capturing the imagination and taste buds of their very willing victims.

Mark my words, there’ll be a Cupcake shop around your corner real soon!