Legal English

Legal English

So you want to learn how to write better *briefs, better contracts, and you want to be able to read the ones you receive with more confidence.

Legal english does not have to be complicated or confusing, but it does have to be correct, readable and understandable

We'll teach you how to write legal text in plain English

Essentially legal English uses academic language; the vocabulary used might be complex but it is clear and unambiguous. It must be so, otherwise what you write could mean something totally different.

Academic English and how to use it well

Latin vocabulary and phrases used in Legal English

Good grammar and its benefits

How to structure your writing

How to write well

Punctuation, its necessity and usefulness

We'll help you with presentation skills

And public speaking (even if it's only to your colleagues)

You'll feel more confident

Your vocabulary will improve and you'll use it more easily

* A brief is a letter written by a lawyer 

(In London slang, a lawyer is a "Brief")