Technical English

Technical English

If you work in Engineering, IT, Aeronautics, Data Analysis, Steel Production, Timber processing etc. then you know it's full of technical terminology.

You recognise most of it, you understand a lot of it but it's still confusing. It would be so much better if someone would just explain it.

Maybe you need to write reports 

Maybe you need to read them (they've been written by native English professionals)

This is not as difficult as you think

We break the learning process down into blocks (making it easier to understand)

We teach you how to write well

How to structure your writing

How to use grammar well

The importance of punctuation

We teach you how to understand the terminology

Some of it is Latin or Greek, we teach you what it really means

We willl work on your speaking and presenting skills

We'll help you discuss topics better

We'll help you feel more confident and how to remember and use the correct vocabulary more easily