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Giro d'Italia

PINK, PINK, PINK - The Italians Are Painting The Town PINK!

During April & May this year the towns and villages of Gelderland will be splashed in the colours of the Giro d’Italia

The Giro d'Italia, which officially sports the colour pink is an annual multiple stage bicycle race, primarily held in Italy and organized, since 1909, by RCS sport.

This year the Giro will start on May 6th in Apeldoorn; one of the northern most cities of Gelderland in The Netherlands. In this, the first leg of the race, there will be three stages (etappes).

  • On Friday, May 6th there will be an individual time trial across a 9.7km loop through the city of Apeldoorn
  • On Saturday, May 7th the riders will cycle from Arnhem to Nijmegen. The route, encompassing 190km, will wind its way North of Arnhem through the Hoge Veluwe Park, one of the most beautiful National Parks of the Netherlands.  It will follow the route down through Ede, Bennekom, Tiel across to Berg en Dal and eventually Nijmegen.
  • The third leg of 189km will travel North East through the centre of Nijmegen along the Oranjesingel, via Kastel Doornenburg, to Borculo, on to Lochem and Zutphen before returning to Arnhem, culminating at the Musis Sacrum. Thereafter, they will rest before the long journey home to Catanzaro in Calabria Italy.
  • Once there they will continue the Giro across the hills and mountains and through various towns and villages of the Italian countryside, eventually reaching Cuneo in Piemonte, where the Giro will end.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the entire region of Gelderland will be splashed in the colour Pink - the official colour of the Giro d'Italia. 

Starting April 1st many cities and villages will organize Piazzas and Mercatos.  In these celebratory and culinary gatherings, there will be the opportunity to speak or practice your Italian, experience the Italian culture including the opportunity to taste the best Pizza in Gelderland.

Naturally this extra-ordinary event will afford everyone the opportunity to experience and admire up close the beauty of the magnificent province of Gelderland.

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